Monday, February 12, 2007

Updates for Feb 14th

Some points to go over to keep the psyche running....

W27 the school newspaper is sending a reporter to the Love Your Library poetry reading event on Valentines day from 5-6pm when all selected club members performing poetry in any form present their works in the first poetry reading!!! Isn't that just so cool that we're getting more exposure to the school through W27!! Hope you can all stop by and listen or perform your pieces. Note: those of you who are performing, I know some of you who picked out poetry to read from the library is a good thing but if you want to share some of your poetry that pertains to the subject of Valentines day by all means bring them. I dug some of my poetry out to share.

Bill Coyle will be at the school on April 26th time and room tba. Here is a link to some info. on this poet.

Denise Duhamel will be at the school on March 21st 1-2pm the room tba. btw, she spoke at the school last spring and was really reallly funny. Both her poems and personality match. Here is a link to some of her poems and bio.

This Thursday Feb 15th from 12-1pm is an officers meeting. This is for treasurer, secretary, student council reps, pres. and advisor. Meeting in either the english dept. conference rm, cafeteria or another place to discuss things.

Pls. volunteer to put up fliers. Hopefully you all got my e-mail about putting them up. It takes only 5 mins. Everythings there for you in the folder. It would mean a lot to put them up because that's how students see that we are a club. That's how many of you came to the first meeting.

Another interesting thing that we can use our funds for are:

Subscriptions to Poets & Writers and perhaps other literary magazines
We can get them with a possible discount because we're from a school. Any publications you have in mind pls. share.

Writing-related books, such as The Portable MFA in Creative Writing, which includes a chapter on magazine writing by Charles Salzberg ( , Heather Sellers’ Page after Page (, and Anne Lamott’s Bird By Bird ( We could order them through the FIT bookstore in multiple copies. You probably have other books you would recommend from your own reading.
If there are any books you think the club should know about we can get them.

Special writing-related materials (journal notebooks, etc.)

Wed. Feb 14th Valentines Day
Love Your Library
Poetry Reading
**I know you have poems picked out from the library but if anyone wants to share some of their own material that would be great. This way you can practice on speaking your poetry.


Thurs Feb 22nd
2nd club meeting
**Pls. bring ideas.

Pres Pam

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