Saturday, February 10, 2007

February 22 Meeting: Requests and Suggestions?

Hi everyone--as you know, our next meeting is when I'm available to you as a resource. So... what would you like to do? Here are some possibilities, but maybe you have more ideas:
  • Workshop: Everyone emails me 1 poem or short prose piece; I can make copies for the group and we'll talk about it together
  • Q&A: How do you get published? How do you write when you don't feel like writing? How do you know when a piece of writing is really good? etc. etc.
  • Writing on the spot: Hands-on exercises will get you to produce a piece of writing on the spot, and we can share the results.

To cast a vote or make a request, post a comment to this posting (rather than a new blog posting). Let's hear what you want!


brOkeNwaNd934 said...

hmm...they're all great; I'd love to do them all! But if I had to pick one, it would be writing on the spot. Then maybe bringing in a short piece for a mini workshop. Actually, they're a bit tied in my mind, so either or. What does everyone else think?

ckohilakis said...

Writing on the spot sounds great! Also, maybe some prompts to get our creative juices flowing for when we're writing on our own.