Saturday, February 10, 2007

Community Word Project (Feb 10th)

The community service in which the members of FIT Words Club was a success and we fulfilled the requirements for the club.

Since the club was formed we've been working with The Community Word Project doing various invitation preparations for the annual banquet to benefit inner city kids with sharing the art world in many forms. It's a big asset to be able to express one's self through many forms of art particularly writing.

This is where the club helped out the most in. I felt that being president of FIT Words Club to see what the other members wanted to get out of the club and also share stories of interest. It's definitely been of much help to have members from many majors with a similarity in writing in general.

I hope that the club will offer as much attention to writing in any form to us as a group. Along with the valuable connections our advisor has in bringing various writers to speak at our college.

Thank you so much to our advisor, Prof. Lemmon in sharing and forming the club. The Community Word Project is also a great connection we have and we are helping out the community in and around which our college surrounds.

Thank you to to the members who helped out today. It is very much appreciated on my part and also from Prof. Lemmon's part that we did reach out to students who want to write.

I'm sure we will have a wonderful and fun filled semester with all the events planned and will be happening quicker than we think.

I still think Robert De Niro would be great for the community word project. Hahaha.

Pres. Pam ":D


Amy said...

Thanks for posting this, Pam! It was great to hang out and have a great conversation with you all while we were helping a good cause. You all did so many envelopes--the CWP crew were impressed!

brOkeNwaNd934 said...

hooray! I'm glad to hear it was a success; wish I could have been there! It's always so much fun, and as always, it's for a great cause as you've said. THis semester is off to a wonderful start!