Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Visual Poetry

Hey Everyone!!!

Denise Duhamel spoke to our club today about some of her own poetry but this time with a focus on "visual poetry". She showed us some rather creative approaches to presenting poetry on objects such as a window blind and type writer, among other interesting objects that it seems almost like art in way. Something that could be displayed in an art gallery. But Denise Duhamel said that she had to think about bridging both the visual poetry and art aspect.

All of the people present at the event were able to create their own visual poetry. We made a list of ten items that we thought were "Bias" and then wrote them on...bias tape....hmmm.....only our school would sell such a thing to which conversely use for a medium to create visual poetry and not the standard use that most of us would consider as fashion students. It was quite creative.

It was so nice to also have Denise Duhamel visit again. She was at the school last spring and that was equally as fun.


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