Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Quiet getaway

I know I'm up late finding yet more interesting things for the club as Pres. but I don't know, I just find that New York Magazine's latest issue on the Best of practically everything NY-ish came out recently and......

There's this really cool art gallery/ book-like-library place not too faraway from the school that they highlighted. I thought I'd just share the review and post the links.

Best Store to Hear an Author
192 Books
192 Tenth Ave., 212-255-4022
With an atmosphere that’s more home library than bookstore, this airy shop provides a welcome reprieve from the big-box feel of the city’s larger chains, making it an excellent, cozy place to catch a reading by your favorite author-of-the-moment. The readings are free but require reservations because of limited space, so bibliophiles in attendance are assured an experience free of the jostling and neck-craning that accompany most such events. They’re also a great deal, as most of the authors are A-listers (Jane Smiley, Salman Rushdie, John Ashbery, to name a recent few) whom fans pay big money to see at venues like the New York Public Library or the 92nd Street Y—meaning attendees can pick up one of the gorgeous art books the store’s famous for without feeling a bit of spender’s remorse.

It looks totally interesting and seems to have artsy related books there!

Official Website:

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Amy said...

I can confirm this! I heard Paul Auster read from his latest novel at this store. The manager, Patrick Knisley, is a colleague of mine who teaches Business Writing at FIT!