Monday, March 5, 2007

News for Thursday March 8th

First off I'd like to address some events happening this week.

Mark Goldblatt
Thursday March 8th
Binsky's II (located A building 6th floor through the doors next to the elevators, it's a big open space where we can have a good enough space to discuss things. It's ideal for this event.)

Mark Goldblatt is a novelist, columnist and book reviewer as well as a professor at FIT.
His controversial first novel, Africa Speaks, was published in 2002 by Permanent Press, but he is perhaps best known as a political commentator. He has written hundreds of opinion columns for a combination of the New York Times, the New York Post, USA Today, the Daily News, Newsday, National Review Online and the American Spectator Online. Several of these essays have been anthologized in standard college textbooks, Across Cultures and Negotiations, and many more have been posted on popular web sites and blogs such as Arts and Letters Daily, Jewish World Review and Free Republic. He has been a guest on the Catherine Crier Show on Court TV and done dozens of radio interviews for stations across the country and in England. His integrity has been called into question by the Village Voice - which should count for something.

Secondly, Sorry the Thursday March 8th evening event with Kurt Anderson is cancelled. Due to insufficient ticket sales. Just thought anyone who signed up for tickets for the event should know.

Also ICON is still taking submissions of poems, you can submit your work in Room A713, or you can bring them to Prof. Lemmon and fill out a release form. Either way you can submit your poems and sign a release form.

But the beginning first few minutes of the meeting this Thursday we, we will approve the minutes from the first meeting and distribute copies of the revised club constitution. Then, our guest speaker Prof. Mark Goldblatt will read a short excerpt from his work and talk about his experience as a writer. He’ll be able to answer our questions, too!”

Hope to see you all there this Thursday!!!!


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