Thursday, May 14, 2009

programming for 2009-10!

Here are some possible guest speakers for next academic year. Check out their websites and let me know which ones you would like to see here on campus!

Taylor Mali, performance poet and teacher
YouTube performance here.

Workshop: From Page to Stage 101 with Taylor Mali
The skills involved in writing a good poem are not identical to the skills required to perform a poem well, and the world is split between people who would rather hear a terrible performance of a brilliant poem and those who would rather hear a brilliant performance. Period. So let's say you've written a brilliant poem. Now what? Four-time National Poetry Slam Champion Taylor Mali has some tips, tricks, and techniques that will help you make your poems go in one ear of your audience. . . and stay there.

Terri Witek,
poet and author of The Shipwreck Dress
Read some of her poems (including two "kimono" poems in a form she invented) here.

Sharon Dolin, poet and author of Burn and Dodge (winner of AWP award) and Serious Pink (poems about paintings)

Wyn Cooper, poet and songwriter
Best known as author of the poem "Fun," which was adapted by Sheryl Crow for her hit song "All I Wanna Do," Cooper teaches workshops in poetry and songwriting.

Brendan Constantine, page and stage poet
YouTube performance here.

Roddy Lumsden, British poet
Click here to see "Flowers4Kate," a project involving Kate Moss.
(Will be visiting NYC late October/early November)

Alumni Panel: Careers in Writing

Sasha Soyfer, Public Relations Coordinator, Bloomingdale’s
Allison Goran, Assistant Editor, Editorial Projects, Travel and Leisure

Other suggestions? Let me know!

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