Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First meeting 9/23

Welcome, members new and old!

I just wanted to restate some of the things we went over at our first meeting today.

  • We started off with a short writing activity about the origin of our names. After, we went around the room and introduced ourselves and the genres of writing we like.
  • FIT Words uses the following points system:
    • Attending a meeting - 5
    • Suggestions - 5
    • Attending a guest speaker - 10
    • Baking/preparing for an event - 10
    • Helping out at an event - 10
    • Participating in community service - 15
    • Holding an officer position - 40
  • We communicate mostly through email, but please check this blog for re-caps and event notices.
  • Our club will schedule a bake sale as our fundraiser at some point during the semester.
  • We discussed a few possible community service ideas and listed the breast cancer or Light the Night walks, or helping at the Community Word Project (if available). If you have any other ideas, please let us know.
  • The floor was opened for possible guest speakers, activities, and events. Almost all members showed a strong interest in poetry and a few were interested in screenwriting. Colin Gilbert (myspace.com/colinrgilbert) was also recommended and may be in NY in November. Thanks for the great feedback!

Our next meeting will most likely be a writing workshop, so start thinking of a piece you would like to bring in. I will let you know as soon as we pick a date.

See you soon,


Thursday, September 18, 2008

two full green hours--TONIGHT!

In case you're in NYC and looking for something to do...

You’re Invited to a Poetry Book Party

Come Celebrate This Full Green Hour: An Anthology by the One O’Clock Poets


Thursday, September 18, 2008

7:00-9:00 p.m.

Teachers and Writers Collaborative
520 Eighth Avenue (between 36th and 37th Streets), Suite 2020, New York City
For directions please visit: www.twc.org/events.

This Full Green Hour, published by Sonopo Press, will be available for purchase.
Light refreshments will be served.



“The poems of Castro, Lemmon, Moore, Poole, Poreba, and Stern riff off one another most delightfully through subject matter and syntax. These Magnificent Six have accomplished something amazing—a dynamic and tangential conversation through poems, each voice intelligent, nuanced, distinct.”
—Denise Duhamel

“A disarmingly playful spirit of generous camaraderie is at the heart of this anthology. Boldly, it intersperses the work of six distinctive poets in such a way that we not only get to know the individual voices, but are also let in on their poetic conversation…. This hour is indeed a full one.”
—Elaine Equi

“These six poets lead the reader to moments of delicious tension and exhilarating discoveries.”
—Scott Hightower

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Welcome back!

So far, the club has attended two Student Council meetings over the past two weeks. Important highlights are included below.

Student Council meeting notes – September 9, 2008

· As a reminder, one representative from the club must be present at each meeting or our budget will be reduced.
· Nominations for different committees were discussed and will be voted on next week. If you're interested in any of the student/faculty committees, email me for a complete list and contact info ASAP.
· There's a SVCS volunteer expo Thursday, September 11 from 12-2 between A&B buildings. If you're around on this day, please stop by for a few minutes and pick up some info for the club so we're not scrambling at the last minute for our mandatory community service.
· Flea markets will be discussed more next week but the first will be 9/25. Three clubs will be chosen at random to be included. Cross your fingers for the next round!
· Finally, the Club Carnival is next Thursday, 9/18 from 12-2 between A&B buildings. Please let me know if you'll be around at all on that day, even if it’s not the whole time.

Student Council meeting notes – September 16, 2008

· There is a Club Contract that needs to be signed and returned to FITSA by Friday, September 26, 2008 or funds will be frozen. The club keeps the pink copy and the yellow and white copies can be placed in Victoria Columb/Secretary of the Executive Board’s mailbox in Student Life
· Words was not included in the flea market drawing for this semester.
· Membership cards were given out and need to be presented at student council meetings for attendance.
· The new FITSA website is fitsanyc.com
· There is a Breast Cancer walk on October 19th. If the club is interested in this as a possible community service activity, see Deborah in Student Life. Four club members must participate.