Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Welcome back!

So far, the club has attended two Student Council meetings over the past two weeks. Important highlights are included below.

Student Council meeting notes – September 9, 2008

· As a reminder, one representative from the club must be present at each meeting or our budget will be reduced.
· Nominations for different committees were discussed and will be voted on next week. If you're interested in any of the student/faculty committees, email me for a complete list and contact info ASAP.
· There's a SVCS volunteer expo Thursday, September 11 from 12-2 between A&B buildings. If you're around on this day, please stop by for a few minutes and pick up some info for the club so we're not scrambling at the last minute for our mandatory community service.
· Flea markets will be discussed more next week but the first will be 9/25. Three clubs will be chosen at random to be included. Cross your fingers for the next round!
· Finally, the Club Carnival is next Thursday, 9/18 from 12-2 between A&B buildings. Please let me know if you'll be around at all on that day, even if it’s not the whole time.

Student Council meeting notes – September 16, 2008

· There is a Club Contract that needs to be signed and returned to FITSA by Friday, September 26, 2008 or funds will be frozen. The club keeps the pink copy and the yellow and white copies can be placed in Victoria Columb/Secretary of the Executive Board’s mailbox in Student Life
· Words was not included in the flea market drawing for this semester.
· Membership cards were given out and need to be presented at student council meetings for attendance.
· The new FITSA website is fitsanyc.com
· There is a Breast Cancer walk on October 19th. If the club is interested in this as a possible community service activity, see Deborah in Student Life. Four club members must participate.

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