Friday, April 27, 2007

FIT Events in April

To summarize a successful month for FIT Words, we have to include two very promising guest speakers.

On April 19th, Corie Feiner spoke to our club about poetry and the process of getting poetry published. She is the poetry editor at Bellevue Literary Review. Her stories on how she became a poet were just as interesting as the poetry pieces she read to us.

It's quite different to have poems read out loud as opposed to for print only. She described her process in writing a poem for a reading. Her poems ranged from anything from NYC life to a rather hilarious poem on pimples. It was really wonderful to see the spectrum of poetry that is performed. My favorite was "Subway Pastoral", what a classic.

On April 26th, Bill Coyle read from his chap book, The God of This World to His Prophet, each poem within the collection was written in various forms. Of these forms were sestina, sonnets and other well structured poems. Each poem gave us a sense of how many ways one can convey a theme. I was especially intrigued by a poem in which he translated from Swedish to English. Translating can be hard for any language but when he was describing the way to keep the form written in Swedish and translate it into English it's hard to keep within the parameters. But as far as translating HÃ¥kan Sandell's poems I wanted to see what the Swedish version was too.

Overall our club highly enjoyed both events and welcome them back again. It was so nice to see different poets speak about their paths through poetry. Seeing how poetry can be conveyed in various forms was a definate plus for everyone who shared this interest as much as I did.


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